Sabe Tabi

Sake Tabi - A ...

Guided by a bottle of high quality sake, the journey of Sake traveller Teruhiko Aoi begins. This travelogue program reveals the mysteries of the Japanese Sake and to experience the secrets of Sake Brewing. His journeys take him to the sake breweries where the famous sakes are being made, filled with the strong feelings and desires of the sake brewers. He also wanders from place to place in search of the history and traditions of high quality sake, while also discovering new sake appetizers along the way. So come with us to find the best quality sake! more details

The Fall of Machuria Began Here
2016 49 mins

For 70 years, three enormous Soviet Army bases remained "undiscovered" ...
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The Message of the Ice Island: From the Frontlines of Global Warming, Greenland
2013 47 mins

In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest ...
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Spin to Win : Japanese manufacturers spinning their way to the top
2013 52 mins

Since the global financial crisis in fall of 2008, Japan ...
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