Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards. The "yutori" generation of Japan is accused of being one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, the "yutori" are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep a job, sleeps at an internet cafe, and complains about his every day with online friends. They blame society, and Touma, full of pride yet lost without a purpose, is about to drop out of it. Frustrated with the elder generations telling him what to do, he wishes all old people were sent away, like the folklore "UBASUTE" where they are abandoned on a mountain. ... more details

The Message of the Ice Island: From the Frontlines of Global Warming, Greenland
2013 47 mins

In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest ...
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Spin to Win : Japanese manufacturers spinning their way to the top
2013 52 mins

Since the global financial crisis in fall of 2008, Japan ...
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2011 23 mins

Guriri is a cute character who lives in a forest ...
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