As usual she drinks alone in a bar tonight! Murasaki Wakako is 26 year-old office worker. She has a boyfriend, Hiroki, but she likes to drink alone. Because she is a real drinker, she wanders around looking for delicious foods and drinks... Whenever such foods integrate well into such drinks, she breathes a sigh “Psssh” to express her happiest moment. Based on the original comic written by Shinkyu Chie. Being published in serialized monthly comic, Comic-zenon, from North Stars Pictures. Big hit manga sold 500,000 copies/ 3 volumes total! more details

The Fall of Manchuria Began Here
2016 49 mins

For 70 years, three enormous Soviet Army bases remained "undiscovered" ...
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The Message of the Ice Island: From the Frontlines of Global Warming, Greenland
2013 47 mins

In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest ...
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Spin to Win : Japanese manufacturers spinning their way to the top
2013 52 mins

Since the global financial crisis in fall of 2008, Japan ...
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